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A Brief Summary of Remote Sensing of Environment 16-RS-Sun Taochun

Author:    Date: 2017-07-13

  These days we are continuously learning classes called Remote Sensing of Environment with teacher Mr. Luo. I think it’s challenging for all of us because we were junior students and have classes with senior students, which means we need to learn some knowledge in advance that we maybe will acquire next year in order to have a better understanding. But everyone is high-spirited, and always discusses with teachers, making concerted efforts to fully participate in the class. Mr. Luo is a kind and patient teacher. He always tries his best to explain a concept as exactly as possible to have us understood. And when encountering some questions like data processing, he even complements his demonstration on blackboard to his well-prepared PowerPoint. He’s also willing to answer student’s questions after class. His class is good for us.

  16-RS-Sun Taochun